Tim Groves, CAD/BIM Coordinator

With an impressive 16-year tenure at North Mechanical Services, Tim Groves serves as our CAD/BIM Coordinator, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique blend of strategic and practical insights to the team. Tim’s journey into CAD and 3D drawing began in high school, fueled by a longstanding interest in architecture. His career trajectory started in the trades, where he evolved from a helper to an apprentice, eventually stepping into coordination roles.

Tim’s pivotal moment arrived when Paul approached him with the opportunity to become the CAD/BIM Coordinator, a role he embraced eagerly. His dual perspective sets Tim apart—he seamlessly transitions between the strategic and practical sides of the trade, offering invaluable insights into project planning.

In his role, Tim leads the charge from pre-engineered drawings or design builds, transforming them into thoughtful 3D models. To create comprehensive plans, he coordinates with other trades, including electric, fire protection, and plumbing. Tim’s expertise extends to floor planning, ensuring a smooth process and preemptively resolving any issues that may arise during the planning stage.

Tim’s strength lies in being a master problem solver, diligently double-checking all points from engineering, general contractors, owners, developers, architects, and steel fabricators. He is the cornerstone in coordinating plans with all stakeholders, ensuring a proactive collaboration.

What Tim finds most rewarding is witnessing the fruition of the projects he’s been a part of—seeing everything come together seamlessly. His dedication, problem-solving understanding, and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to the North Mechanical Services team. Tim Groves is not just a CAD/BIM Coordinator; he’s a visionary problem solver, shaping the success of each project he undertakes.