Suzanne Gates, Office Manager

With an impressive 16-year tenure at North Mechanical Services, Suzanne Gates is the backbone of our operations as the dedicated Office Manager. Suzanne’s multifaceted role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, reflecting her commitment to the seamless functioning of our daily operations.

Suzanne wears many hats in her capacity, overseeing critical functions such as HR, benefits administration, audits, taxes, billing, accounts payable/receivable, IRA program management, and project administration.

Suzanne’s genuine love for the people at North Mechanical Services sets her apart. A testament to the positive work culture fostered by the company, Suzanne highlights the strong camaraderie and longevity within the team. The collaborative and fun work environment, coupled with the close-knit team dynamics, contributes to the overall satisfaction of being part of North Mechanical.

For Suzanne, every day brings a new and exciting challenge, making her role dynamic and engaging. The appreciation she receives from the owner and her colleagues adds to the gratification of her work. Suzanne cherishes that her contributions are valued and recognized within the organization.

Another standout aspect of North Mechanical that Suzanne emphasizes is the culture of cross-training. Many team members, including Suzanne, are proficient in various roles, allowing for a supportive environment where everyone can help one another, ensuring a smooth and collaborative workflow.

Suzanne Gates is not just an Office Manager; she’s a vital force behind the scenes, contributing significantly to the success and harmony of North Mechanical Services. Her dedication, diverse skill set, and appreciation for the vibrant team culture make her an invaluable asset to our organization.