Subaru of New England’s LEED® Platinum Triumph with North Mechanical

Engineering the Future, Innovative Design, Sustainable Excellence


North Mechanical took center stage in designing and installing the HVAC system of Subaru of New England’s state-of-the-art headquarters, training, and distribution center, covering an expansive 165,000 square feet. The project exemplifies a commitment to sustainability and efficiency, earning the prestigious LEED® Platinum certification from the USGBC.

Project Overview

The endeavor encompassed the creation of a new, three-story, 75,000 square feet office building housing executive offices and administration, alongside a cutting-edge 90,000 square feet high-bay warehouse facility. The project seamlessly integrated ultra-high-efficiency practices, ensuring that energy was not just utilized but optimized throughout the facility.

Innovative HVAC Design

  • Chilled Beam System: The facility features a Chilled Beam system with 100% outside air and exhaust system with heat recovery.
  • Four-Pipe System: A four-pipe system ensures that air is delivered at the optimal temperature, minimizing energy wastage.
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV): The system employs VAV with static pressure control for maximum efficiency.
  • Chilled Water System: The multistack system integrates cooling towers delivering a comprehensive solution tailored to the facility’s diverse needs.
  • Hot Water System consisting of multiple Viessman Boilers with VFD pumps for the hot water systems including snow melt.
  • Web-Based Automation: The entire building is automated with a web-based system featuring safety, critical, and fail-safe alarms. With over 1,000 alarm points, the system ensures real-time monitoring and immediate response.

Sustainable Elements

  • Photovoltaic Array: The facility boasts a photovoltaic array, harnessing solar energy to contribute to power needs sustainably.
  • Rainwater Collection: Rainwater collection systems further enhance sustainability, providing an eco-friendly source for various applications.
  • Locally Sourced and Recycled Materials: The project utilized locally sourced and recycled building materials, aligning with a commitment to reduce environmental impact.
  • Chilled Beam HVAC System: The Chilled Beam HVAC system not only optimizes comfort but aligns with sustainable design practices.
  • LED Lighting and Skylights: LED lighting systems and strategically placed skylights contribute to increased interior daylighting, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting.
  • White Roof Assembly: A white roof assembly reflects sunlight, minimizing heat absorption, and contributing to temperature regulation within the facility.
  • Rain Gardens: The incorporation of rain gardens aids in site runoff control, effectively managing water and promoting sustainable landscaping.


North Mechanical’s collaboration with Subaru of New England stands as a testament to the coupling of innovation and sustainability. The new headquarters not only reflects a commitment to efficiency and cutting-edge HVAC solutions but also showcases a dedication to environmental responsibility. Subaru of New England’s LEED® Platinum certification is a badge of honor, highlighting a project where thoughtful design and sustainable practices converge for a brighter, more efficient future.