North Mechanical Team

At North Mechanical Services, our team is more than just a group of professionals; we’re a close-knit family dedicated to excellence. With impressive longevity, many of our members have been part of this journey for more than a decade, fostering a unique camaraderie. Our success is rooted in great teamwork, where each member brings their expertise to the table, ensuring seamless collaboration. Our unwavering commitment to integrity sets us apart – it’s the backbone of everything we do. From project inception to completion, our entire team is devoted to ensuring our clients experience successful outcomes, making North Mechanical Services the go-to choice for HVAC solutions marked by reliability and professionalism.

Paul Connor, Founder and Owner
of North Mechanical

Paul Connor has been in the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning field since 1989. With a commitment to excellence, he embarked on the journey to establish North Mechanical Services in 2002, a venture that has now has an annual revenue of over $10 million dollars.

Paul brings a wealth of experience, including elite proficiency in HVAC design, estimating, business management, project management, and coordination from over 35 years of experience.

CJ Judson, Vice President 

CJ has been an integral part of North Mechanical Services since its inception. With over two decades of experience, CJ brings a wealth of expertise to the team, holding licenses as a Master Plumber, Journeyman’s Plumber, Corporate Plumbing License, Hoisting Engineer, Master Pipefitter, Master Sheet Metal, Master Gas Fitter, and NH Master Plumber. His diverse skill set includes rigger, signal person, and equipment operator certifications. 

Suzanne Gates, Office Manager

With an impressive 16-year tenure at North Mechanical Services, Suzanne Gates is the backbone of our operations as the dedicated Office Manager. Suzanne’s multifaceted role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, reflecting her commitment to the seamless functioning of our daily operations.

Suzanne wears many hats in her capacity, overseeing critical functions such as HR, benefits administration, audits, taxes, billing, accounts payable/receivable, IRA program management, and project administration.

Tim Groves, CAD/BIM Coordinator

With an impressive 16-year tenure at North Mechanical Services, Tim Groves serves as our CAD/BIM Coordinator, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique blend of strategic and practical insights to the team. Tim’s journey into CAD and 3D drawing began in high school, fueled by a longstanding interest in architecture. His career trajectory started in the trades, where he evolved from a helper to an apprentice, eventually stepping into coordination roles.

Tim’s pivotal moment arrived when Paul approached him with the opportunity to become the CAD/BIM Coordinator, a role he embraced eagerly. His dual perspective sets Tim apart—he seamlessly transitions between the strategic and practical sides of the trade, offering invaluable insights into project planning.

Jarrett Hood, Project Manager

With an impressive 19-year tenure at North Mechanical Services, Jarrett Hood stands as a cornerstone in our team, serving as the dedicated Project Manager. Jarrett’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence make him a pivotal figure overseeing the day-to-day operations of all our projects.

In the lifecycle of a project, Jarrett steps in after Paul’s successful bid. As the Project Manager, he takes the reins, steering the project through its various phases with precision and expertise. His responsibilities include purchasing equipment, managing weekly meetings to ensure project alignment, managing the field teams, overseeing material logistics, and solving problems as they arise.

Samantha Morrissey, Administrative Assistant 

Samantha brings five years of dedicated service to North Mechanical Services as our Administrative Assistant. With a warm smile and welcoming demeanor, Samantha is often the first point of contact for guests and team members, embodying our commitment to exceptional customer service. In her role, Samantha provides invaluable support to the service department, handling customer inquiries, scheduling, and invoicing efficiently and precisely. She also plays a vital role in mentoring co-op students, sharing her knowledge and expertise to help them thrive. Samantha‘s versatility shines as she gracefully tackles various tasks, always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. Her favorite aspect of working at North Mechanical Services is the strong camaraderie and teamwork permeating the office environment. Through her tenure, Samantha has mastered the intricacies of HVAC administration and gained invaluable insights into fostering positive team dynamics. Her dedication and positive attitude make her an integral part of our team, contributing to our continued success and growth.

Service Team

Matt Belmonte, Service Manager

With five years of dedicated service at North Mechanical Services, Matt plays a pivotal role as the Service Manager, overseeing the service department with precision and expertise. He efficiently manages client calls, provides remote and on-site support to field technicians, and collaborates with project managers to initiate the startup of new equipment. Matt’s commitment to excellence and his ability to coordinate seamlessly with various teams contribute significantly to the company’s success in delivering top-notch service to its clients.

Matt’s meticulous attention to detail extends to handling all paperwork, from warranties to client billing and service contracts. Whether responding to emergency calls, troubleshooting issues, or conducting day-to-day repairs, Matt approaches each task with professionalism and commitment. What Matt values most about his role is the opportunity to collaborate with all departments, fostering a cohesive work environment that promotes success across the board. However, the camaraderie and strong friendships he’s formed with his colleagues make North Mechanical Services feel like home. Working alongside dedicated professionals who share his passion for excellence motivates Matt to excel daily.

Ryan Soucey, Service Technician

With nearly four years of experience, Ryan is a valuable member of the North Mechanical Services team, specializing in HVAC service. In his role, Ryan is entrusted with the crucial task of troubleshooting and repairing clients’ HVAC systems, using his expertise to investigate, diagnose, and solve problems efficiently. Whether working on-site with clients or collaborating closely with the service manager, Ryan approaches each task with dedication and precision.

For Ryan, the appeal of his job lies in its dynamic nature; every day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. His favorite aspect of working at North Mechanical Services is the strong camaraderie and teamwork permeating the company culture. Ryan values his colleagues’ comfortable and supportive environment, making every workday enjoyable and rewarding.

In addition to his hands-on experience, Ryan is actively working towards obtaining his refrigeration license, further solidifying his expertise in the field. With his commitment to excellence and passion for continuous learning, Ryan plays an integral role in upholding North Mechanical Services’ reputation for reliability and professionalism in HVAC service.

Bryan Bly, Jr., Service Manager

With an impressive 16-year tenure at North Mechanical Services, Bryan is the service manager, overseeing day-to-day operations with unwavering dedication and expertise. His responsibilities range from managing service technician tasks and providing service quotes to coordinating preventative maintenance and general repairs. Bryan’s commitment to excellence is reflected in his pursuit of certifications, including his EPA Universal certification and ongoing efforts to obtain a Master refrigeration license.

For Bryan, the dynamic nature of his job is what he finds most fulfilling. Each day presents a new challenge and an opportunity to tackle diverse tasks, keeping him engaged and motivated. As the service manager, Bryan values the ever-changing pace of his role, embracing each challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

Beyond the daily responsibilities, Bryan appreciates the close-knit and supportive environment at North Mechanical Services. Despite its growth, the company maintains a small company feel where every employee is valued and appreciated. Bryan attributes much of this positive atmosphere to owner Paul, whom he regards as a genuinely caring and supportive leader who prioritizes the well-being of his team members.

In his role, Bryan embodies the core values of North Mechanical Services, delivering exceptional service and contributing to the company’s reputation for professionalism and reliability. With his wealth of experience and dedication to excellence, Bryan plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and continued growth of the company.

Mathevis Elmonte

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Foreman – Sheet Metal

John Fedorchuk, Foreman - Sheet Metal

John brings two decades of invaluable experience to North Mechanical Services, serving as our Sheet Metal Foreman and licensed Master Sheetmetal mechanic. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, John plays a pivotal role in all our projects, overseeing the installation of trunk lines and custom builds based on architectural specifications. His expertise in design/build processes ensures that each project meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. John’s favorite aspect of his job is witnessing the final product come to fruition, knowing that he has delivered top-notch results while problem-solving on the fly to ensure customer satisfaction. At North Mechanical Services, John values the sense of camaraderie and teamwork, considering his colleagues as part of his extended family. Working alongside founder Paul for 26 years, John appreciates the positive work environment and the opportunity to collaborate with a team of skilled professionals. With his dedication and passion for his craft, John embodies the core values of North Mechanical Services, contributing to our continued success and reputation for excellence.

Keith Nolet, Foreman - Sheet Metal

With nearly two decades of dedicated service, Keith embodies the spirit of excellence and mentorship at North Mechanical Services. Joining the team approximately 17 years ago, Keith has grown over the years, holding the position of Sheet Metal Foreman and licensed Master Sheetmetal mechanic. In his role, Keith is involved in all aspects of projects, from running trunk lines for systems to designing and building custom solutions based on architectural specifications. However, it’s not just the technical aspects of his job that bring Keith fulfillment; it’s the opportunity to mentor and guide others. Having been brought up through a mentor program himself, Keith takes great pride in imparting his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of professionals. His favorite part of the job is the sense of camaraderie and family-like atmosphere that permeates North Mechanical Services. For Keith, working alongside his colleagues is more than just a job—it’s a collaborative and supportive environment where everyone is valued and respected. With his positive attitude and commitment to mentorship, Keith continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the success and culture of North Mechanical Services.

Elvin Robles, Foreman - Sheet Metal

Elvin brings over 16 years of dedicated service to North Mechanical Services, having worked with his colleagues for 24 years. As a seasoned sheet metal foreman, Elvin specializes in installing ductwork and running jobs efficiently with his team. He attributes his career growth to an opportunity provided by someone within the company, allowing him to work his way up the ranks.

For Elvin, the most rewarding aspect of his job is witnessing the transformation from blueprint to reality and seeing the finished project come to life. At North Mechanical, he cherishes the camaraderie among his coworkers, many of whom he has known for over two decades. The company feels like a second family to Elvin, where he has had the privilege of seeing his children grow up alongside his coworkers. With an unrestricted sheet metal license, Elvin continues to contribute his expertise to the success of North Mechanical Services, embodying the company’s commitment to excellence and longstanding camaraderie.

Bob Sharpe, Foreman - Sheet Metal

With two decades of dedication to North Mechanical Services, Bob is a seasoned veteran in the sheet metal department, serving as Job Foreman. His role is multifaceted, involving the organization of jobs, metal ordering, and precise layout and measurement tasks. Bob’s extensive skill set includes drawing ductwork and fittings, and he is also licensed in crane and rigging operations, reflecting his commitment to excellence in all aspects of his work. What Bob enjoys most about his role is the tangible sense of accomplishment he feels when the drawings he meticulously creates are brought to life. However, the camaraderie and longstanding relationships he’s built with his colleagues make his job unique. For Bob, working at North Mechanical Services isn’t just about the tasks at hand—it’s about the people he works alongside daily, creating a supportive and enjoyable work environment that feels like family.

Jeff Valcourt, Foreman - Sheet Metal

With over a decade of dedicated service, Jeff is an essential part of the North Mechanical Services team, serving as a sheet metal foreman. In his role, Jeff oversees the installation of ductwork, meticulously laying out new rooms, and coordinating with other contractors to ensure seamless project execution. Jeff’s commitment to safety is evident in appreciation of daily job box talks that emphasizes topics like ladder safety and fall hazards, prioritizing the well-being of all team members.

For Jeff, the most rewarding aspect of his job is the opportunity to think critically and problem-solve creatively. Each day presents new challenges, requiring Jeff to deliberate and adapt to evolving circumstances. Despite the demands of his job, Jeff finds immense satisfaction in the camaraderie and teamwork exhibited by his colleagues, contributing to a positive and collaborative work environment.

In addition to his extensive experience, Jeff holds certifications as an apprentice sheet metal worker and asbestos foreman, further enhancing his expertise in the field. With his unwavering dedication to excellence and a passion for continuous improvement, Jeff plays a pivotal role in upholding North Mechanical Services’ reputation for professionalism and quality craftsmanship.

Brian Bly, Sr., Foreman - Sheet Metal

With two decades of dedicated service, Brian is a cornerstone of North Mechanical Services’ success. His journey with the company spans over 20 years, with a remarkable 25-year partnership alongside founder Paul. Brian’s career at North Mechanical began with humble beginnings in shipping and receiving, a testament to his hard work and dedication. Through Paul’s guidance and mentorship, Brian became a Sheet Metal Foreman and licensed Master Sheetmetal mechanic. Brian contributes his expertise to every project in his role, from running trunk lines for systems to designing and building custom solutions tailored to architectural specifications. Witnessing the results of his work is Brian’s greatest joy, knowing that he has played a pivotal role in delivering exceptional outcomes for clients. Beyond the projects, Brian cherishes the sense of camaraderie and support among his colleagues at North Mechanical. He considers the company a great place to work, thanks to Paul’s commitment to the well-being of his employees and the collaborative spirit that permeates the workplace. With Brian’s unwavering dedication and positive attitude, he continues to uphold the values and legacy of excellence at North Mechanical Services.

Foreman – Pipe Fitters

Terry Fritschy, Foreman – Pipe Fitters

With over two decades of dedicated service, Terry is a cornerstone of North Mechanical Services. As a seasoned Foreman in the Pipe Fitters division, Terry specializes in installing various pipes with precision and expertise. With numerous certifications and a plumber’s license, Terry brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to every project he undertakes.

For Terry, the most fulfilling aspect of his job is feeling appreciated for his contributions. At North Mechanical, he finds immense satisfaction in being part of a team where his efforts are recognized and valued. Terry attributes much of this positive work environment to the leadership of Paul, the company’s owner, and the camaraderie among his coworkers. With a strong sense of teamwork and mutual respect, North Mechanical Services thrives under Terry’s dedicated leadership, embodying excellence, and professionalism in every project they undertake.

Ryan Lescarbeau, Foreman – Pipe Fitters

With six years of dedicated service, Ryan is integral to the North Mechanical Services team. As a Foreman overseeing Pipe Fitters, Ryan’s role encompasses various responsibilities, from AC and heating to plumbing. Ryan seamlessly coordinates with his colleagues, ensuring smooth operations on every project. What Ryan loves most about his job is the diversity of tasks and the ample opportunities for learning and growth. At North Mechanical, Ryan feels like part of a close-knit family where everyone is valued and supported. The company’s family-oriented culture fosters an environment of trust and collaboration, providing employees like Ryan with numerous opportunities to take on new challenges and work independently. For Ryan, North Mechanical is more than just a workplace—it’s a place where motivation and dedication are rewarded with personal and professional development opportunities.

Derek Rogers, Foreman – Pipe Fitters

With over 14 years of dedicated service, Derek is a cornerstone of excellence at North Mechanical Services. As a Foreman overseeing Pipe Fitters, Derek brings expertise to every project he undertakes. Specializing in heating or chilled refrigeration systems, Derek is the go-to expert for welding pipes. Derek holds certifications as a welder and a licensed journeyman plumber and gas fitter; his skills extend beyond the technical aspects of his role. Derek’s favorite aspect of his job is his hands-on work, particularly when it comes to welding and working on mechanical rooms and boilers. However, what truly sets North Mechanical apart for Derek is the people. As a tight-knit family, everyone at North Mechanical supports each other, both on and off the job. With a culture built on collaboration and camaraderie, Derek is proud to be a part of the North Mechanical team, where excellence and teamwork go hand in hand.