North Mechanical Services Transforms Marriner Mill

Beacon of Adaptive Reuse/Inclusive Housing

Revitalizing History, Crafting Community


North Mechanical undertook a groundbreaking HVAC transformation at the historic Marriner Mill, a vital component of the mixed-income housing project. This adaptive reuse initiative breathes new life into a vacant 1896-built structure and signifies Lawrence’s commitment to fostering vibrant, inclusive communities that cater to diverse housing needs.

Project Overview

The Marriner Mill project is a $47 million endeavor that repurposed a vacant, four-story building into an 87-unit apartment community. This iconic structure, initially developed by Arlington Woolen Mill Co. in 1896 and later acquired by Malden Mills Co. in the 1950s, is a testament to Lawrence’s rich industrial history. The ambitious redevelopment spans several years, with the first phase was completed in the summer of 2023.

North Mechanical HVAC Solutions

  • Energy Recovery Unit (ERU): A vital feature of the HVAC solution was the incorporation of an Energy Recovery Unit (ERU), which exhausts the stale air in the building and brings in outdoor air to meet the energy codes.
  • Hybrid water source heat pump system to provide heating or cooling for year round comfort.

Inclusive Housing Model

Marriner Mills embraces a mixed income housing model, catering to the diverse needs of Lawrence’s residents. With 17 units for those earning up to 30 percent of the area’s median income, 49 units for residents below 60 percent AMI, and 21 workforce housing units for those up to 80 percent AMI, the project exemplifies a commitment to inclusivity.

Community Impact

Situated within walking distance of dining options and a mile from downtown Lawrence, Marriner Mills becomes a community hub. Its strategic location, just 29 miles southeast of downtown Boston, ensures connectivity while preserving the essence of Lawrence’s historical significance.


North Mechanical’s HVAC interventions at Marriner Mill are crucial in transforming it into a symbol of adaptive reuse and inclusive housing. As Lawrence’s industrial history meets modern community needs, this project is a testament to the power of revitalization and thoughtful construction, creating a space where history, innovation, and community integration converge. The completion in 2023 marked the beginning of a new chapter for Marriner Mill and the Lawrence community.