Derek Rogers, Foreman – Pipe Fitters

With over 14 years of dedicated service, Derek is a cornerstone of excellence at North Mechanical Services. As a Foreman overseeing Pipe Fitters, Derek brings expertise to every project he undertakes. Specializing in heating or chilled refrigeration systems, Derek is the go-to expert for welding pipes. Derek holds certifications as a welder and a licensed journeyman plumber and gas fitter; his skills extend beyond the technical aspects of his role. Derek’s favorite aspect of his job is his hands-on work, particularly when it comes to welding and working on mechanical rooms and boilers. However, what truly sets North Mechanical apart for Derek is the people. As a tight-knit family, everyone at North Mechanical supports each other, both on and off the job. With a culture built on collaboration and camaraderie, Derek is proud to be a part of the North Mechanical team, where excellence and teamwork go hand in hand.