At North Mechanical, community involvement is woven into the fabric of who we are. We believe in the power of giving back, in lending a helping hand to those in need, and in making our corner of the world a better place for everyone. That’s why we’re honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with some incredible non-profit organizations, each dedicated to uplifting our community in its unique way.

Committed to Community

At North Mechanical, we’re more than just a business—we’re a family, and our community is at the heart of everything we do. Through our partnerships with these incredible non-profits, we’re honored to play a small part in making a big difference in the lives of those around us. Together, we’re building a stronger, more vibrant community—one act of kindness, one gesture of support at a time.

  • All Saints Parish: All Saints Parish is a spiritual home for all to have a personal encounter with Christ and actively live out the universal call to holiness.
  • Music Drives Us: Nurturing the next generation of artists, providing a platform for self-expression, and fostering a love for music that transcends boundaries.
  • Buttonwoods Museum’s Festival of Trees: Where twinkling lights and festive decorations transport visitors into a winter wonderland steeped in local history.
  • Haverhill Christmas Parade: Proud donors to the Haverhill Christmas Parade, spreading joy, and we’re deeply committed to bringing smiles to faces, young and old.
  • Haverhill Exchange Club: Sponsoring Haverhill Exchange Club programs which are dedicated to community service projects and initiatives that improve the lives of individuals and families in need.
  • Ruth’s House: Offers hope, dignity, and a pathway to brighter futures for those experiencing homelessness.

If you are seeking a donation from North Mechanical Services, we encourage you to reach out to Suzanne at with details of your request and your contact information. Suzanne will be more than happy to assist you and discuss how we can best support your cause. Your initiative and dedication to making a difference are commendable, and we look forward to collaborating with you to positively impact our community. Thank you for considering us as a potential partner in your endeavors.