Brian Bly, Sr., Foreman – Sheet Metal

With two decades of dedicated service, Brian is a cornerstone of North Mechanical Services’ success. His journey with the company spans over 20 years, with a remarkable 25-year partnership alongside founder Paul. Brian’s career at North Mechanical began with humble beginnings in shipping and receiving, a testament to his hard work and dedication. Through Paul’s guidance and mentorship, Brian became a Sheet Metal Foreman and licensed Master Sheetmetal mechanic. Brian contributes his expertise to every project in his role, from running trunk lines for systems to designing and building custom solutions tailored to architectural specifications. Witnessing the results of his work is Brian’s greatest joy, knowing that he has played a pivotal role in delivering exceptional outcomes for clients. Beyond the projects, Brian cherishes the sense of camaraderie and support among his colleagues at North Mechanical. He considers the company a great place to work, thanks to Paul’s commitment to the well-being of his employees and the collaborative spirit that permeates the workplace. With Brian’s unwavering dedication and positive attitude, he continues to uphold the values and legacy of excellence at North Mechanical Services.