Boch Garage & Gallery

Norwood, Massachusetts

Facility Type: Museum



Boch Garage & Gallery, owned by Ernie Boch, Jr., is a testament to his passion for cars and music. Spanning 21,800 square feet, this museum houses a collection of rare Bentleys and Ferraris, a 1970 Maserati owned by Frank Sinatra, and a Batmobile replica. The estate features a 40-car auto salon, two carriage houses, and a sprawling landscape designed to resemble gears.


Mr. Boch, with a background in music, has integrated his rock-star persona into the design, displaying guitars in various rooms. The estate is envisioned as a permanent legacy for his family.



The project aimed to create a museum for exotic and classic cars, requiring precise environmental control for heating, cooling, humidification, and dehumidification. Specific challenges included equipment needing to protect the automobiles and maintain an optimal environment. The facility also incorporated a carwash area, outdoor snowmelt, and radiant heat indoors.


Addressing air quality concerns, the project included CO, gasoline, NO2, and gasoline ventilation measures. When the cars run, the ventilation system removes the fumes and brings in outdoor air to maintain safe levels. An ultra-high-efficiency air-to-water chiller with four economizers was employed, along with a Ventrol energy recovery unit capturing and repurposing exhaust energy for preheating and cooling.


Benefits and Results

The North Mechanical team completed the project in 18 months, providing ongoing maintenance and emergency services. The facility now accommodates a diverse collection of vehicles, including the famous Batmobile, featured on “Bitchin Rides,” a 1968 John Lennon Rolls Royce reproduction, Ferraris, and Maseratis.


Challenges Overcome

The primary challenges included creating a protected environment for the automobiles, requiring an extensive array of equipment. Addressing emissions from running cars and maintaining optimal air quality were critical components. Implementing an ultra-high-efficiency air-to-water chiller and Ventrol energy recovery unit helped overcome these challenges.



The collaboration between North Mechanical and Boch Garage & Gallery successfully created a state-of-the-art museum for exotic and classic cars. Integrating cutting-edge HVAC solutions ensures preserving the valuable automobile collection for future generations, aligning with Mr. Boch’s vision of a lasting family legacy.